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The Peanut-Cotton Infonet has moved


The Virginia Tech Tidewater AREC (TAREC) maintains the Peanut-Cotton Infonet which provides growers in the region with daily weather data (e.g. temperature, rainfall), peanut leaf spot and Sclerotinia advisories, peanut heat units, cotton degree days, and a frost advisory. Four weather stations located in Suffolk, Capron, Skippers, and Waverly are maintained by the TAREC Plant Pathology program. These weather stations transmit data to a computer at the Tidewater AREC, and the data is used to run fungicide advisory models. Peanut-Cotton Infonet data is currently being posted to the Virginia Ag Pest and Crop Advisory Blog. The same data previously available on the Infonet website ( will be available here until further notice.

The data and information available here will include:

Maximum, minimum, and average air temperatures
Average soil temperature at a 4 inch depth
Daily and accumulated (from May 1) peanut heat units
Daily and accumulated (from May 1) cotton degree-days
Daily and total seasonal (from May 1) rainfall
Last effective spray date for peanut leaf spot
Sclerotinia blight risk
Frost advisory (from September 25th to completion of harvest)

VA Peanut-Cotton Infonet Data 5-22-2015