mother and daughter plant kale

Grow Your Own Food to Eat Smart

We know that making half your plate fruits and vegetables is an important part of eating smart. But getting enough fresh produce can be tough when you’re on a budget or live far from a grocery store. Thankfully, with a little effort and a small investment, you can grow your own nutritious and delicious produce. A Master Gardener from Oregon pulled together an estimate of the net profit (price of food grown – cost of equipment, seeds, fertilizers, etc.) of a home garden. On average, she calculated the value of growing your own food to be $0.74 per square foot of garden space. To put that into more practical terms, a 10-foot x 10-foot garden will give you $74 of fresh produce. Even just a few containers of edible plants can provide more food than the cost of the investment. Continue reading

Ask a Dietitian

Your Nutrition Questions Answered

Last month, we hosted a Facebook Live and invited you to Ask a Dietitian in honor of National Nutrition Month. As promised, below you will find a summary of all the questions that we discussed, as well as the questions I promised to answer after a little time to research the topic. Beware, this is a LONG post, so if you’d rather watch the video, feel free! Continue reading

family playing soccer

Spring Sports Help Families Move More

Spring is officially here and the grass is getting greener every day. This time of year is also when many kids across the state will lace up cleats and grab a glove as baseball, softball, and soccer seasons start up. Participating in sports helps kids develop important life skills, like teamwork, self-discipline, and goal-setting. And of course, sports help kids move more. But did you realize that spring sports can help the whole family be more physically active? Continue reading

A Clean Kitchen is a Safe Kitchen

Have you gotten the spring cleaning urge yet? Since the weather hasn’t quite warmed up for outdoor activities, now is a great time to clean your kitchen. Cleaning is the first step for preventing illnesses and keeping germs out of your food. And a clean and organized kitchen is more inviting for cooking at home, the best strategy for eating smart. Continue reading