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Meal Prep Shortcuts for Busy Families

Have you been seeing #MealPrep photos on social media recently? The pictures of perfectly portioned lunches for the week are inspiring, but might be a little intimidating. What busy mom has time or energy to arrange each ingredient just so for Instagram-worthy meals for an entire week? But you can take these meal prep strategies and adapt them to make cooking for your family easier during the weeknight rush. Continue reading

Mix, Match, and Simmer Your Summer Dinner

Easy dinners after a long day sound nice. You’re in luck! Easy can mean healthy too. Look no further than your own Better Pantry for a yummy, inexpensive soup recipe.

A good pot of soup starts with vegetables. Chop up onions, carrots, and celery before heating them on the stove with oil for the soup’s base. Use any fresh veggies you have in the fridge or canned veggies from the pantry. A bag of mixed vegetables works great if you have some in the freezer. Remember to mix and match your veggies to include lots of colors.

Be sure you also add in a food with protein. Maybe you have leftover chicken breasts in the fridge. Chop these up into bite-sized chunks and add them in with the veggies. A can of beans is another great source of lean protein that adds a hearty touch to vegetable soup. Just be sure to drain and rinse your beans before putting them in. Draining and rinsing can cut the salt content in half!

Next, you should include a grain such as pasta or rice. When you buy pasta from the store, go for whole grain shells or brown rice. Whole grain pasta won’t get soggy when you add it to soup and it’s heart healthy!

To finish off your pot of soup, fill your pot with water or broth. Try to choose a broth low in salt to keep your dish healthy. A can of tomato sauce works too for thicker soups. All you have to do now is leave your soup on the stove to simmer until the family is ready for dinner. Choosing ingredients is truly the hardest part. Try to create fun, new recipes using what you have on hand. Now just enjoy your quick, easy soup! #BetterPantry

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Build your Own Sheet Pan Meal in 3 Simple Steps

Are you always worrying about what to make your family after you come home from work? With just 10 minutes of prep, you can prepare a simple and tasty sheet pan meal with very little cleanup. All you have to do is put the sheet pan in the oven and allow your food to cook, leaving you with plenty of free time to spend with your family. You have the option of making enough food for one night or making extra to feed your family throughout the week. You can do just this in three simple steps! Continue reading

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Reducing Screen Time

If your family is like most Americans, you and your children spend a lot of time looking at screens – watching TV to unwind, checking social media, using a computer at work, playing video games, etc. In fact, most people spend 7-11 hours a day viewing various screens. Some of those activities are necessary, like for work or homework. But a lot of our screen time is for pleasure and is taking a toll on our health. Continue reading