Corn earworm and BMSB black light trap catches for week ending June 28, 2012

Reporting locations had fairly low numbers of corn earworm moths this week, although they jumped a little in Suffolk. The mean number captured per night were as follows: Chesapeake-0.6, Petersburg-0.6, Prince George (Templeton)-0.8, Prince George (Disputanta)-0.6, Suffolk-11.7, Virginia Beach-0.3, Warsaw-0.3. Average brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) nightly captures were: Chesapeake-zero, Petersburg-0.9, Prince George (both locations)-zero, Suffolk-zero, Virginia Beach-1.0, Warsaw-0.1. Thanks to Watson Lawrence, Mark Kraemer, Scott Reiter, Ames Herbert, Helene Doughty, and Mary Beahm for their numbers this week.

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