Field corn variety insecticide trait and herbicide tolerance chart

Field corn varieties provide a dizzying array of insect toxins—at least 14 different combinations by my count—that have very different degrees of efficacy against several corn pests.  The chart provided here (see below) lists the current commercial varieties, the insect toxin combination they provide, and the relative efficacy of each against the most commonly encountered corn insect pests.  The chart was created as a collaborative effort by corn entomologists from across the southeast, with guidance by two in particular, Kathy Flanders at Auburn University and Dave Buntin at University of Georgia.  For our purposes in Virginia, I would pay the most attention to those  varieties that provide Excellent (E rating on the chart) protection against corn earworm and fall armyworm, and if you are growing continuous corn, especially in the valley and piedmont regions, corn rootworm.  The chart also provides the herbicide tolerance package of each variety, and the associated refuge requirement. Hopefully this chart will help you with your choice of seed in the next season.

Field corn insecticide trait and herbicide tolerance chart