Peanut maturity progress in Suffolk, VA

The peanut maturity progress from Sep 2nd and until now seems to be optimal. Images taken on Sep 2nd and Sep 12 for ‘Bailey’ (Bailey peanut maturity progress in Suffolk), and ‘Sullivan’ and ‘Wynne’ (Sullivan and Wynne peanut maturity progress in Suffolk) peanut cultivars are presented here. Bailey, regardless when was planted May 2nd or June 4th, seems to be ready to dig in 10 to 15 more days. In the past 10 days, Sullivan shows a substantial increase of black and brown pod content, however the pod color spread is highest for this cultivar. This suggests that Sullivan may have two main crops this year, which is not surprising given the drought stress experienced for most part of August. This situation always makes digging decisions difficult, but we will continue to watch the maturity progress for this cultivar and extend the search to other locations than Suffolk. None the less, location and individual field conditions have significant effects on maturity. Under the conditions of 2016, Wynne is behind Bailey and Sullivan maturity wise. The images of podblasted pods suggest that digging for Wynne is expected in 20 to 25 days from Sep 12.  Again,  determining maturity in each field individually is the best method for farmers to determine the optimum digging time. Podblasting clinics, such as the one on Sep 19 planned by the new Extension Agent in Southampton County VA, Ms. Livvy Preisser <>, should be attended rigorously by peanut growing farmers.