30 Master Food Volunteers Complete Training

On March 22 thirty new Master Food Volunteers (MFVs) completed their 30-hour training and are ready to begin serving the community by teaching groups about good nutrition and healthy cooking. This is the largest group of MFVs trained to date and marks the second year that Katie and Jennifer have teamed up to organize this multi-county training. The volunteers will serve Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax County by teaching cooking classes in senior centers, leading nutrition programs in schools, assisting with Cooking Matters courses, helping SNAP beneficiaries get to know about the wide array of produce available at farmers markets, helping low-income gardeners learn tasty ways to prepare the produce they are growing, helping with food preservation classes, and much more.
The volunteers come with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds. One thing they all have in common is a high level of enthusiasm for the volunteer work that they will be doing. They are eager to get started so keep a look out for their characteristic aprons in the community.
It is a lot of work to put together this training, especially for such a large group, and Katie and Jennifer would like to thank the following people for making it possible: Janet Al-Hussaini, Ginger Geoffrey, Catherine Hader, Saroj Khurana, Sue Lagon, Megan Mauer, Ellen Mathis, Desiree Morningstar, Patty Reyes, Debbie Roche, Kisha Simpson, Haregowoin Tecklu, and Octavia Walker.

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