VCE Master Volunteers Teach “Garden-to-Fork”

At this year’s Reading Carnival Day, Arlington Traditional School students learned about growing and eating healthy food with books and hands-on activities, thanks to Master Volunteers at VCE.

Five Master Food Volunteers led activities on choosing foods from different food groups and identifying edible plant parts.

Master Food Volunteer nutrition activities

Students observed plants in action! Sprouted lentils demonstrated the power of seeds, when the conditions are right.

Sprouted Lentils

And, celery in a little food coloring demonstrated how stems transport nutrients through plants.

Celery & Food Coloring

To provide a full “garden-to-fork” experience, students also rotated through outdoor activities with Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists. Activities with VCE Master Volunteers complemented fabulous fruit and veggie books, featuring illustrator Chris Arbo.

What's in the garden?

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