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Marvelous Melon Munching at the Old Town Farmers Market

On August 24 Master Food Volunteers Kim Frey and Casandra Lawson added a new facet to their monthly educational exhibit at the Old Town Farmers Market in Alexandria—food tasting! Several farmer vendors at the market donated an array of sweet and juicy melons that Kim and Casandra cut up and offered to over 300 hungry market visitors. Market goers got to try the melons dipped in lime juice, shredded coconut, basil, mint, and lemon balm. All of the melons were locally grown, so the tasting helps to showcase the many ways to enjoy in-season local produce.

In addition to the popular melon tasting, Kim and Casandra also shared recipes and general nutrition information. They will return to the market on Sept. 28th to offer samples of a tasty zucchini, tomato, and basil salad, so be sure to visit the Old Town farmers market between 9:30 and 12:00.

melon sampler