Dietetic Intern Jessica’s SNAP Challenge- Day 6

As Jessica gets closer to the end of her SNAP Challenge, will she run into the same issues many SNAP recipients do- running out of food before the end of the month?


  • Oatmeal
  • Yogurt
  • Soymilk (1/2 cup)
  • $.80


Leftovers for lunch

Leftovers for lunch

  • Leftover chicken, spaghetti squash, and kale
  • Leftover sweet potato
  • Soymilk (1/2 cup)
  • $2.80


  • Eggs and toast
  • Mini pumpkin cake
  • $.80

Total cost for the day: $4.40

Nutrition profile: Today I almost hit the recommendations for veggies and dairy. I was pretty darn close to meeting both. On the other hand, I was very low in fruit.


I didn’t eat any fruit today because I am running low on fruit. I have one apple left and that is all. I should have thought through my sources of fruit before I started and budgeted for some canned fruit. Eggs and toast is such a simple meals. It would have been a more nutritious meal if I would have thrown in some form of vegetable! I was pretty rushed for time last night and did not even get home to cook dinner until 9:30, so eggs and toast were my go-to food for something quick.

Eggs and Toast for dinner

Eggs and Toast for dinner

One thing I eat a lot of is eggs. Eggs are high in cholesterol, and eating two a day will put you above the daily cholesterol recommendations. Because of their high cholesterol content, eggs do get a bad reputation. The Dietary Guidelines suggest that consuming one yolk a day will not raise cholesterol, and furthermore, egg whites do not have to be limited.

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