Dietetic Intern Lauren’s SNAP Challenge Intro Post

Meet Our New Dietetic Intern, Lauren!

Hey There!

My name is Lauren Noel and I’m a dietetic intern at Virginia Tech, just a few months away from becoming a Registered Dietitian. I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with the Family Nutrition Program this month! For the next 7 days, I’ll be completing the SNAP challenge and blogging about my experience along the way. I’ll be sharing what I’m eating, how this compares to the MyPlate recommendations, and the estimated cost of my meals with you throughout the week.

A bit about me:

I consider myself to be a true foodie; I love cooking, eating, and talking about all things food! After all, that’s why I decided to become a dietitian :-) Some of you might be wondering, what does a future dietitian eat? Well, I can tell you that I am not unlike all of you… While I enjoy eating lots of fruits and vegetables, I also LOVE pizza and chocolate. I’m certainly not the first (and most likely not the last!) person to say that moderation really is the key! I believe that all foods can fit into a balanced diet.

IMG_1113Making fresh pasta!

I do my best to save money at the grocery store by buying produce in season, buying items
on sale, buying off-brand products, and eating a lot of meatless meals. Still, I think that starting the SNAP challenge will be tough.

Getting Started:

My boyfriend was brave enough to do the SNAP challenge with me. This means that we will have a budget of $63 to spend on food for the week. Before grocery shopping, I spent about an hour planning out our meals for the week. I tried to keep track of how much I was spending while I was shopping at the store and I came up about $3 under budget! Woohoo, I just barely made it! I’m going to save the remaining $3 incase I need to make another trip to the store this week.


Here is what I will be shooting for nutritionally (MyPlate recommendations for a 2000 calorie diet):

6 oz. Grains
2 ½ c Vegetables
2 c Fruit
3 c Dairy
5 ½ oz. Protein

I’ll be sharing my challenges and tips with you along the way. I hope my experience will
help guide you in making healthy choices on a budget! I’m excited to get started!

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