Day 1 of Julie’s SNAP Challenge

For breakfast I usually have oatmeal, eggs, and fruit. But since I couldn’t afford fruit I ate just oatmeal and eggs. I also like yogurt, but noticed that milk was significantly cheaper, so I decided to substitute milk for yogurt. I know it’s not the same, but it still provides calcium and protein.

So here is a picture of my Day 1 Breakfast: oatmeal, boiled eggs, and a glass of milk. I would have liked a little brown sugar in my oatmeal for flavor, but oh well.


I love tuna fish sandwiches! They are very filling and tasty! Here is a picture of my tuna fish sandwich on whole wheat for lunch along with some carrots and a glass of milk.


I usually snack a lot during the day, but since I couldn’t afford any snacks – not even fruit – I just nibbled on a few tablespoons of peanut butter. This is definitely not a balanced snack – it doesn’t have fiber or very many carbohydrates. For a better idea of healthy snacks check out this blog post.


Dinner was chicken noodle soup with some rice and milk again. I eat chicken noodle soup quite frequently in the fall and winter, so this meal is pretty typical for me, even without the SNAP Challenge.


As you can see, I did not meet very many of the dietary guidelines today. This was simply due to lack of money. Apparently protein and grains are cheaper than buying vegetables, fruit, and dairy – even the frozen options, or the store brand! I also only ate about 1400 calories out of my daily 2000-calorie needs. I didn’t feel too bad today, but I know the hunger will start to catch up to me soon….


My total food costs for today are about $3.60. Overall, I think today was a good amount of food and I felt satisfied.

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