Day 3 of Julie’s SNAP Challenge

This morning I could definitely feel the hunger catching up to me! I was famished when I ate my scrambled eggs and toast with milk. This time, the meal didn’t quite satisfy me, and I was left thinking of ways I could have bought more food for my $32. One way, would be to purchase some of my food at a local farmers market, where they often match EBT funds to double your budget, so that overall you can buy twice as much food! Now I really wish I had done that this week…. I didn’t because I wanted to see if I could eat a good meal plan without having to use the bonus money from the farmers market. Now I see that it is possible, but I just don’t get as much to eat.


Lunch today was another tuna fish sandwich. I didn’t mention it on Day 1, but I prepared this tuna fish sandwich with just tuna fish and mustard. Mayonnaise is something I don’t have a taste for, so I just use mustard instead. Mayonnaise provides a lot of fat and calories, so if you are trying to lose weight, try cutting back on this condiment. Mustard has enough spiciness that the flavor was enjoyable, despite not having the extra creaminess from the mayonnaise.


My snack was again a few tablespoons of peanut butter. I really love the stuff, but after 3 days it is starting to get old. I wish I had some fruit or crackers to spread it on!


Dinner was fabulous! I planned my menu so that I could have 4 cups – that’s right FOUR – of this delicious Tomato Beef and Noodle Dinner. Again, I could not afford all the ingredients, so I left out the green peppers and cheese. However, I used 1 whole pound of beef to make this recipe instead of ¾ lb. So it had a little more meat than the recipe called for, and tasted delicious! The amount of food I ate tonight was totally satisfying. I am going to sleep goooooood.


The graph shows that I was still under in my daily calories, fruit, and dairy. However, I finally met my vegetable needs! And I also was very high in protein consumption today, which may be why I don’t feel too hungry.


Do you eat a lot of protein every day? My total food costs today are about $4.00. Overall today was not enough food for me. Dinner seemed to help fill me up though, and I am satisfied for now.

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