Day 4 of Julie’s SNAP Challenge

Woke up feeling hungry, but not as bad as yesterday morning. I believe this was because I ate so much last night for dinner! I ate oatmeal, peanut butter, and milk again. I hate to say it but I am starting to crave sweets and sugar! Like I mentioned before, I normally eat brown sugar in my oatmeal, as well as other sweet things throughout the day like fruit, chocolate, granola bars, etc. My sugar cravings are rearing their ugly head this morning!!!


For lunch I had leftover Southwestern Beans and Rice with a glass of milk. I grew up in a large family – 8 kids total. We didn’t have a lot of money either, so my mom had to buy things in bulk and make them last as long as possible. All this is to say – I ate a LOT of beans and rice as a kid. That’s probably why I still love the dish to this day; it reminds me of home, family, and good memories. Do you like beans and rice?


Snack was again peanut butter, but this time I ate some carrots with it, that I didn’t use in the chicken noodle soup recipe. Thank goodness for variety! I am still craving sugar though….


Dinner tonight is leftover chicken noodle soup with some extra brown rice that I didn’t use in the beans and rice recipe. I’m glad for a little extra food in the packages I bought! Tonight, I just want chocolate. Or ice cream. Or……something SWEET! How in the world do you handle your sugar cravings?!!!


My calories are again low, as well as my dairy and fruit. But I again met my veggies recommendations! Hurray!


My total food costs today are about $3.91. Overall I feel dissatisfied with my food today. I wish I had more variety in my meals, and definitely would like some dessert!

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