Day 5 of Julie’s SNAP Challenge

This morning I ate scrambled eggs, toast, and a glass of milk. I forgot to mention earlier that I usually eat organic dairy and meat because of my beliefs on eating hormone free animal products. I don’t mind paying a higher price for these ingredients because I believe they are better for my body. That being said, I definitely could not afford organic milk and meat on a SNAP Challenge meal plan. So when I went to buy the store brand of eggs, meat, and milk, I was SHOCKED at how inexpensive they were in comparison! I seriously haven’t purchased conventional animal products in over 5 years, so I had no clue how much cheaper they were! I was amazed that I could even afford to buy them on a SNAP budget! Therefore, I am really glad to know that SNAP recipients are still able to afford good sources of protein and calcium.


For lunch today I ate another tuna fish sandwich. That’s it. So plain and boring. I definitely am still hungry, but I really want to make it to the end of my week and still have food for each day! Trying to resist eating all my food and then having none…


Finally ate some peanut butter off a spoon for a snack around 3pm! Oh that was hard to wait for!


Dinner tonight is a little bit of the leftover Southwestern Beans and Rice along with a glass of milk. Sigh. How do you stay full and not get bored of leftovers on a SNAP budget?



I am so far under my calories, vegetables, fruit and dairy by now. I really believe that the only way to get all these categories would be to shop at the Farmer’s Market.


How do you plan a balanced diet on a tight budget? Today my food cost about $2.23. Overall my meals today were really delicious, yet I don’t feel very satisfied from the smaller than usual portions.

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