Day 6 of Julie’s SNAP Challenge

I woke up absolutely starving! Oatmeal, boiled eggs, and milk again. I had a sudden thought this morning in the shower. I recall doing another SNAP meal plan design for a family of 4, and noticed that the menu had WAY more variety and achieved all the recommendations. This makes me realize that it is actually much easier to eat on a SNAP budget, when you are buying for more people. That way, you can combine the money and buy more at once, so you can eat more variety over time. Do you all shop and cook for one person or for a family?


Peanut butter sandwich with a glass of milk for lunch. I love the combination of milk and peanut butter. They somehow bring out each other’s tastes in a great way! I tried to focus on this while I ate, instead of how unsatisfied my lunch left me.


I snacked on MORE peanut butter this afternoon. I am a little sick of it by now, but thankfully I know I have a big dinner prepared for tonight!


FOUR cups of the Tomato Beef and Noodle Dinner tonight!!!! Oh man, I am so glad I spaced these plentiful meals apart so I could have them throughout the week and still be occasionally satisfied. When I cook for my husband and myself, I usually make a lot of the same meals and have leftovers throughout the week. This way, we don’t have to spend a lot of time cooking and preparing food since we are both so busy. How do you plan your weekly meals? Do you cook a lot of the same foods or eat a large variety? I admit, it does get old eating repetitive meals throughout the week, but I like that it saves me precious time.


Again, I was low in calories, fruit, vegetables and dairy. I think if I were to do this again, it would be to recruit my husband so I could have a bigger weekly budget and include more fruit, vegetables, and dairy products. That way it would seem more manageable.


Today’s food costs were about $4.00. Overall I think today was a much better day, because I ate more food for dinner!

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