Gifts for a Healthy New Year

If you’re a last minute shopper, you might still need a few gift ideas. Why not support a happy and healthy new year for your friends and family with a gift to help them eat smart or move more?

Gift ideas to eat smart and move more in 2016

Eat Smart with These Gifts

  • Salad Spinner – I love my salad spinner and use it almost weekly to make a large salad to take for lunch throughout the week. A salad spinner makes eating more veggies easier.
  • Cutting Board Set – Help someone practice good food safety with a set of cutting boards. Using different cutting boards for raw meat and ready to eat foods (fruits and veggies, etc.) helps prevent cross contamination.
  • Blender – If you have a smoothie lover on your list, a blender is a great gift. Smoothies are a tasty way to eat more fruit, veggies, and dairy.

Move More with These Gifts

  • Pedometer – Track progress towards walking 10,000 steps per day. Pedometers tend to be more affordable than fitness trackers.
  • Stability Ball – A stability ball is a great low-cost piece of equipment to change up a workout routine. Check out these stability ball exercises from ACE Fitness .
  • Bike and Helmet – A bike is a popular gift for kids that helps them move more. And parents can get more activity by teaching them to ride and joining them for trips around the neighborhood (on foot or on a bike).
  • Yoga Mat – Not just for yoga, a mat will help make exercising at home more comfortable.
  • Dog* – Families that have a dog are usually more active. A dog is a great motivator for daily walks and playing outdoors. Taking care of a dog can also help kids learn responsibility.

Bonus Gift Guides from Other Extension Programs

What are some gifts you’ve given or received that would help someone live healthier? Share your suggestions in the comments!

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