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Holiday Gift Ideas to Eat Smart and Move More

‘Tis the season of gift-giving. Exchanging presents with family and friends helps us create stronger bonds, as we get an emotional boost from giving (and receiving) gifts. Sometimes it’s easy to pick the perfect present, but other times you’re left with the stress of not knowing what to give. Because we here at the Family Nutrition Program live and breath healthy lifestyles, our holiday gift guide is all about eating smart, moving more, and feeling better!

gift giving

Eat Smart

Share homemade goodies. Food mixes in a jar, spice mixes, homemade granola and spiced nuts are popular DIY gifts. Let your kids help decorate the jars for a fun arts and crafts project.

Plant a seed for healthy eating. Growing a garden, from a simple pot of kitchen herbs to a full raised bed set-up and everything in between, helps get more fresh fruits and veggies on the menu. A few packets of seeds (which you can purchase using SNAP funds) and a decorative planter is a perfect gift for aspiring green thumbs.

Drink smart over and over again. Insulated reusable water bottles and cups are trending and there’s good reason. Keeping a water bottle handy makes it easy to drink more refreshing and calorie-free water.

Move More

Fun run together. If you have a workout buddy, sign you both up for a fun run in your area. Having a race planned can give you extra motivation to stick with your workouts during winter weather.

Mix up a workout playlist. Music is proven to help you workout harder. Play DJ and create a 20-45 minute playlist of your favorite upbeat songs to share. Your bestie will appreciate it when she’s hitting the “dreadmill.”

Stay stylish while getting fit. A cute headband will absorb the sweat and tame frizzy hair during tough workouts. And dedicated exercisers can never have too many inspirational message t-shirts or tights with a fun colorful print.

Feel Better

Slather on the self-care. Homemade sugar scrubs are a great gift for the ladies in your life who could benefit from a mini-spa day. The basic recipe is 1 cup of granulated sugar and ½ cup of coconut oil (the only time I’ll recommend it!). Customize your scrub by adding lemon juice, pineapple puree, or vanilla extract. Taking some me time is a necessary break from the stresses of everyday life.

Color like a kid again. Adult coloring books are not as trendy as last year, but who cares if you’re having fun! Coloring can be relaxing and a great alternative to staring at screens, for kids and adults alike. Pair with a set of colored pencils or crayons for the artistic folks in your life.

These unique gift ideas are sure to help your friends and family live healthier lives in the upcoming year. If you want more healthy gift inspiration, check out our gift guide from last year. And share your suggestions for presents that help support a healthy lifestyle in the comments.

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