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Water’s In, Soda’s Out… But Wait There’s More

You have heard how important water is for your children. Choosing water helps your children stay hydrated and keeps the electrolytes in their growing body balanced. Replacing sugar-filled drinks with water also reduces the amount of calories that they are consuming. Unfortunately, kids don’t always want to drink water and still ask for those sugary drinks. You may be confused when this happens and feel like you are out of options, but good news! Help is here!

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Less Wasted Food, Less Wasted Money

Wasting food is like throwing money in the trash. USDA estimates that 31% of all the food in the United States gets thrown away. It’s important to avoid wasting food as much as possible for those of us on tight budgets so that we get the most nutrition from our food purchases. And reducing the amount of food waste that ends up in landfills is good for the planet, too. Continue reading

Little Dippers Eat More Fruits and Veggies

It’s no secret that getting kids to eat more fruits and vegetables is a tough job, for parents, schools, and nutrition education programs like us. There are a lot of reasons why, but today we’ll focus on taste.

While fruits are naturally sweet, vegetables tend to have stronger, sometimes bitter flavors that kids don’t like. They can’t help it- we’re all born with a preference for sweet and a dislike of bitter flavors. But we can definitely learn to love vegetables. The following tip actually worked for me as a child, not just for vegetables, but almost any food my mom wanted to get me to eat. Continue reading

Facebook Milestone

Wow, what an exciting week it has been for me. Just yesterday, we hit our 200th like on Facebook.

200th Facebook Like! Thanks Chandra!

200th Facebook Like! Thanks Chandra! If you noticed up top, we added 2 more today.

While we are nowhere close to the 1,568 likes of our parent organization Virginia Cooperative Extension, we are slowly but surely on our way. If you haven’t already, take a moment to go like our page and we will be that much closer!

While we are at it, have you visited all of FNP’s social media sites? We are also on Twitter and YouTube in addition to Facebook.

We also have some enterprising employees who have their own “local” Facebook pages where they post upcoming events and share pictures and stories of their classes. If you live in the area, you should like their page, too.

VA Family Nutrition Program-Culpeper (Parents of youth)

VA Family Nutrition Adult Program-Culpeper

Prince William Family Nutrition Program

Kaye Stiltner, VA Family Nutrition Program (Rockingham)

Carolyn Hall, VA Family Nutrition Program (Montgomery, Giles and Pulaski)

Faye Anderson, VA Family Nutrition Program-Fluvanna

Aimee Doyle, VA Family Nutrition Program (Northern VA)

Megan Mauer, VA Family Nutrition Program (Northern VA)

Dottie Havlik, VA Family Nutrition Program (Southwest VA)

Last month, I challenged these ladies to a friendly competition to see who could boost their engagement on the pages the most. It was a very close finish, but Pam W. of Prince William came out ahead. Her prize for winning is (drum roll please…) being interviewed for our first “Faces of FNP” employee spotlight series. Please check back next week to see Pam’s interview.

Speaking of new developments for FNP’s online presence, we have been in the process of updating our website. Fingers crossed, it will be live soon. Don’t worry, I will be shouting from the rooftops when it is ready. The best part of our new website will be our recipe collection. We have revised and revamped them all, as well as added a few new ones for you to try.

I am most excited about the recipes because as soon as they are up, I will be starting a Pinterest account for FNP. For those of you who don’t already know, Pinterest is the amazing, but addicting, social media site that enables you to find, share and save photos of (and the links to) all kinds of things. Think of it as a virtual scrapbook. I love using it as a recipe collection tool. Pin (save) your favorite FNP recipes and you can always find them when you’re ready to meal plan or cook.

With all these exciting things happening at FNP, the most important issue is that you, our dedicated followers, are getting what you want and need. To that end, I would love to hear your comments and suggestions about what we are currently doing, what we are planning to do and what you wish we would do. Please share your thoughts in the comments here or on any of our other social media pages. Thanks in advance for your valuable feedback!