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woman and child sliding down slide at playground

Move More in a Park

Did you know that living near a park is linked to being more active? Parks are great places to move more and enjoy the outdoors. You can find family-friendly activities at all types of parks – the neighborhood playground, the local rec sports field, a large urban parks and recreation facility, state and national parks, forests, and wilderness areas, and every park in between. Continue reading

family riding bikes together

Spring into Fitness

We are starting to emerge from the cold, dark winter weather. As the weather warms up and all the plants are getting greener, it’s the perfect time to think about how you’ll emerge from winter hibernation on the couch. Research has found that most people are more active during spring and summer than late fall and winter. Nice weather and extra daylight after work makes it easier for most people to move more. Here are some tips you might find helpful to spring into fitness. Continue reading

American flag with Olympic medal

Move Like an Olympian

For the past two weeks, people across the globe have tuned in to watch athletes at the top of their game compete. For these athletes, the Olympics are the reward for a lifetime of dedication, training, and determination. While most of us will never reach the same level of skill and athleticism, we can all try to move like an Olympian for better health and fitness. Continue reading

woman jogging

Workouts for Beginners

Many people set goals to increase their physical activity in the new year. With so few Americans meeting the recommended amount of physical activity, this is a great lifestyle change to make. And it’s never too late to get more active to feel better, have more energy, and live healthier. However, you don’t want to make the mistake of jumping in too fast. You’ll likely feel sore and it increases the risk of injury. You’re more likely to stick with it by starting with shorter workouts and building up how long, how often, and how hard you exercise over time. Here are some workout plans for beginners to help you get started.
Continue reading

Creating an Active Lifestyle

Are your kids spending too much time in front of the television? Having a hard time getting them moving? Being active should be an important part of your child’s day. It is recommended for children to get at least 60 minutes of play everyday to be healthy. Children who move more at a young age are likely to be healthier adults.

Being active can lead to:

  • Healthy growth
  • Stronger bones and heart
  • Better concentration in school
  • Regular sleeping patterns

Creating an active lifestyle for your family is easy and can be fun and free! Here are a few simple ideas involving the whole family to get your kids moving:

  • Start the day with physical activity – walk or bike to school with your kids
  • Take a trip to the local park or public school playground. Monkey bars, swings and tag are great ways be active at the playground.
  • Take your family pet for a walk. Don’t have a pet? Go for a family walk after school and take that time to talk about what they learned that day!
  • Encourage your children to sign up for after-school programs that involve activity – such as a running club or swim team.
  • Include the whole family in yard work or outdoor chores – digging in the garden or mulching, raking the leaves or shoveling snow.
physical activity for a family

Move More Together!

Leading a physically active lifestyle helps your family’s health. Check out this blog post about how physical activity leads to a healthy heart. What are some ways your family likes to move more together?