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New Year, New Healthy Habits

Whether you want to set a typical New Year’s Resolution, or just continue to improve your eating and activity habits, January is a good time to make a change. There’s lots of energy and social support for developing healthy habits. And most people are feeling ready to eat smarter and move more after the holiday season. Here are three tips to help you form healthy habits in the new year. Continue reading

Eat Smart and Move More This School Year

Summer is coming to an end and kids are going back to school. As your schedules and routines change, take this opportunity to create new habits for your family to eat smart and move more.

Eat Smart, Move More at School

Get Organized

If you don’t know by now, meal planning is my number one recommendation to save time, money, and stress when eating smart. If you pack lunches for your school-aged kids, meal planning will make it easier to send healthy meals your kids will actually eat. If your family is busy from after school activities, meal planning will make it easier to get dinner on the table in a hurry. If breakfast seems like too much effort on hectic mornings, meal planning will help make sure your kids get the nutrition they need to start the day off right.

In the rush of back to school, it’s easy to let your regular exercise routine slide. Don’t let this happen to you by scheduling your workouts. Treat them like any other appointment and plan around them rather than try to squeeze it in when you find the time.

Get the Kids Involved

Did you know that kids are more likely to eat new foods when they help pick them out? As you’re meal planning and grocery shopping, ask your kids to help. Kids will feel important when you ask for their opinion. And you’ll feel happy when they’re excited to eat healthy foods.

Produce Picker Grocery Store

One tip- steer kids towards healthy options by the way you ask for their help. Asking, “What would you like for a snack this week?” might get some suggestions you don’t want to buy (Chips! Ice cream!). Instead, ask, “What kinds of fruits and veggies would you like for a snack this week?” This way, they’ll pick smart choices you want them to eat with less fussing.

Now is also a good time to introduce a new family routine to be active together, such as walking home from school together or weekly trips to the park. In fact, research shows that giving kids time to run and play can help them focus and perform better in school.

Get Creative

Try something new this year. Find new recipes as you eat smarter as a family. You might be surprised to see what your kids are willing to try. Taste buds grow and change over time, and foods your kids used to dislike might be more appealing now.

Help your kids choose a new sport or activity to join. They’ll make new friends and discover new talents or interests. And don’t be just another spectator at your kids’ sporting events. Stand up, walk around (while staying out of the way), and cheer them on while reducing your own time spent sitting.

What other ways will your family eat smart and move more this school year? Share your ideas in the comments!