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The Two Biggest Food Safety Hazards on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is a time for spreading love and cheer, not germs! Unfortunately, many families do not use proper food handling practices, increasing the risk of food poisoning at their holiday meals. By following this food safety advice, you can avoid the two biggest food safety hazards on Thanksgiving day. Continue reading

Eat Smart, Eat Crustless Pumpkin Pie

We are only 1 week from Thanksgiving! Is anyone else as excited as I am? I love the holidays, spending time with family and enjoying the different foods that we only fix this time of year. My family is definitely in the “Traditional” meal category- we have the same things every year. Sure, we have added a few healthier options over the years, as some people in my family have developed diabetes and I studied nutrition. But all the favorites are still there, too. So instead of telling you to skip one of the most traditional Thanksgiving treats, I’m giving you an updated version of pumpkin pie that might make it’s way into your family’s holiday menu year after year. Continue reading