Keeping Your Soil Covered and Healthy

Are you keeping your soil covered and healthy?

Ray Archuleta, a soil health specialist with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, shared 7 key concepts for keeping soil covered and healthy at the recent 2012 Virginia Farm to Table Conference.

The concepts for healthy soil and healthy food are:

  1. Understand your context
  2. Protect the soil habitat
  3. Manage more by disturbing less
  4. Keep the soil covered as much as possible (i.e., reduce tillage)
  5. Provide diverse food for soil microorganisms, especially sources of carbon
  6. Diversify with crop diversity
  7. Grow living roots throughout the year.

To view slides of Ray’s talk, click Healthy Soils Healthy Food or the image below.

Healthy Soils Healthy Food And let’s do our part to keep soil covered and healthy!


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