A Day in the Life of an AG Extension Agent

Today I’m starting a new feature called A Day in the Life of an AG Extension Agent.  I’ll use these types of posts to highlight an activity that has occupied my day.

Today was a new task for me!  This morning I, along with our summer intern and staff from the Henricopolis SWCD sampled corn to check for the pest Corn Earworm in ag production fields.  We sampled 5 corn fields in the east end of Henrico County.  Although we only sampled traditional ag fields, corn earworm can be a pest in the home garden also.

To find out more about the corn earworm see this page on the North Carolina State University Entomology site: https://entomology.ces.ncsu.edu/field-corn-insect-corn-earworm/ .

If you have corn earworm in your home garden, you may find treatment recommendations in the Virginia Pest Management Guide: Home Grounds and Animals, Section 2: Vegetables, page 2-6.

Arbor Day 2016

It’s Arbor Day – when folks are encouraged to value trees.  So here is some information about trees!

  • k7310-2When property values are assessed, trees are part of the equation. Yes, there really is an equation. Learn more at https://hort.purdue.edu/ext/HO_201.pdf .
  • Speaking of property values, The Henrico Master Gardeners have a Speaker’s Bureau presentation on Curb Appeal – Do you have yard envy?  Do you wnat drivers to stop and joggers to take a break in front of your house.  Learn how to design and maintain your front yard so you get this attention at your house.  This program, presented by Master Gardeners, is available to your garden, civic and community group in Henrico County.  Contact Marlene Larios at 804.501.5160 to schedule.
  • Tree SMARTS!  Our specially trained Master Gardners can offer assistance to Henrico residents by providing on-site consultations regarding the care and health of their trees.  You can find out more about our Tree SMARTS program, including an enrollment form, at http://henrico.us/services/treesmarts/ .
  • The Virginia Big Tree Program’s website has been updated!  The site is now easier to use and looks better on mobile devices. Search a database of Virginia’s largest and oldest trees and enjoy statistics, photos and more information on these ancient champions. http://bigtree.cnre.vt.edu/index.html .  Unfortunately we don’t have any champion trees in Henrico…Yet!  Do you think you have a champion tree?  Search the register to determine if your tree is similar in size to the largest trees of its kind.  If it’s larger, nominate your tree!
  • Download a copy of the Virginia Department of Forestry’s Common Native Trees of Virginia book.

Quick Blog Post – Easter Lilies

Easter Lilies are a tough crop for a greenhouse grower.  Why are they a tough crop?  Because the Monday after Easter, they aren’t worth anything!  Timing is very critical on Easter Lilies.  You really only have a 1 week window where you can sell them.

lilyHere is a great article on Easter Lilies from Texas A&M.  In addition to some great history and other information about the lily, it provides great planting instructions so you can enjoy it for years and years as a perennial in your garden.

There is a shortage of Cauliflower…what should I do?!

A Shortage of Cauliflower?!

I recently came across a post on Facebook that was titled “Cauliflower is so hot right now you may not be able to afford it – or find it”. The post directed me to an article from the Washington Post. Essentially the article said that high demand for cauliflower and cool temperatures causing decreased cauliflower yields is leading to increased prices and limited supply.

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