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VCE – Vegetable Gardening Course

Are you interested in starting a vegetable garden this year? Or would you like to learn more about vegetable gardening? Growing your own food, using nature as a guide and incorporating sustainable practices is good for our bodies and good for the earth.

The Virginia Cooperative ExtensionPrince William unit is offering a vegetable Gardening Course this year.

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It’s time to plant garlic!

It’s easy to plant garlic in the fall!

Garlic can also be spring planted, but needs to be chilled first (refrigerate for at least 8 weeks before planting in spring). Garlic plants need to reach an adequate size before day length increases in the spring, which triggers bulb formation, so plant as early as possible in spring.

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A Day in the Life of an AG Extension Agent

Today I’m starting a new feature called A Day in the Life of an AG Extension Agent.  I’ll use these types of posts to highlight an activity that has occupied my day.

Today was a new task for me!  This morning I, along with our summer intern and staff from the Henricopolis SWCD sampled corn to check for the pest Corn Earworm in ag production fields.  We sampled 5 corn fields in the east end of Henrico County.  Although we only sampled traditional ag fields, corn earworm can be a pest in the home garden also.

To find out more about the corn earworm see this page on the North Carolina State University Entomology site: https://entomology.ces.ncsu.edu/field-corn-insect-corn-earworm/ .

If you have corn earworm in your home garden, you may find treatment recommendations in the Virginia Pest Management Guide: Home Grounds and Animals, Section 2: Vegetables, page 2-6.