Thursday, June 30

Today, Brad and I started our day at an equine farm.  David and his wife raise show jumper horses for the European Market.  Ireland has a long history of breeding and working with horses.  Many jockeys for horse races are Irish.

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We spent our afternoon at the BETTER BEEF FARM Walk on the farm of Richard Williams.  Richard entered the BETTER BEEF Program as he was transitioning from part time farming to full time farming.  Richard’s herd is unique as he has been using primarily angus bulls for many years.  Richard uses angus for their calving ease, but states he prefers limousine or simmental cows.  The BETTER BEEF FARM Walk is basically an open house with all financial records and everything being down on the farm being shared with the public.  Several advisors work with Richard to help increase his income and provide direction.  Richard has worked on decreasing his calving internal, improving his herd through AI, focused on spraying dock out of his fields, and finishing some of his own calves for slaughter.

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