Master Gardener College Open to the Public!

Big changes are coming to Master Gardener College this year. In addition to the change of location, we will also be allowing the public to attend College on Saturday, September 21.

“We’ve always had people ask about bringing spouses or friends to Master Gardener College,” says John Freeborn, Assistant State Master Gardener Coordinator. “By allowing the public to attend for Saturday, September 21, we’re able to offer not only Extension Master Gardeners (EMG) the opportunity to introduce companions to the event, but we’re also able to invite the general public to learn more about our program and gain some valuable education.”

the main auditorium

Image courtesy of Hilton Norfolk The Main

While College registration will open to Master Gardeners in early May 2019, registration will not open for the general public until early July, giving Master Gardeners plenty of time to fill classes before the public.

“We’re very excited about this opportunity to welcome members of the public to Master Gardener College,” says Freeborn. “It’s going to be a great event this year, and having the public there will give us a chance to introduce some new faces to the Extension Master Gardener program and maybe recruit some new EMGs!”

Members of the public will attend keynote speaker talks and concurrent sessions along with Master Gardeners. Public registration for concurrent sessions will be limited to classes designated as appropriate for members of the public and those not already filled by Master Gardeners.

“Opening one day of College to members of the public will also allow us another revenue stream to support Master Gardener College, which costs a lot more to hold off the Virginia Tech Campus and which we run as a break-even event,” adds Freeborn.

One day registration for members of the public will cost $150 (one-day registration for Master Gardeners will cost $125). Public registration is anticipated to run from early July to August 2019.

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