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Mt View Elementary 4-H Butterfly STEM Club

    4-H Butterfly Club


Due to all the snow days we have had lately it’s been a while since the last post!  However, things are going full swing with the NEW 4-H Butterfly after-school club at Mt View Elementary.  Club members are busy learning about butterflies, why they are important, and working on club projects.  The first club project that members were tasked to complete was to build their own butterfly out of recycled materials and to include a moving part on their model.  Let me say that we were excited that they were SO into doing this project that it took a little longer than expected-club members will finish next club meeting to present their models to the group.  In addition to learning about butterflies, the members are completing club projects with a STEM approach and learning about 4-H leadership at each meeting.  Check out the photo’s below!

      IMG_1774 IMG_1783







Character Counts!

4-H has partnered with several Rockingham County school’s to provide Character Counts! education in a fun and new way!  Teaching methods range from a CC! Superhero visit to lunchrooms and classes, reviewing short film clips of movies to discuss positive and negative character, and learning character through visual experiments.  This week I covered the CC! pillar Respect (yellow).



Plant Parts Salad

parts salad

One of my other favorite lessons to do with the kids is Plant Parts Salad!  We start off by reviewing or learning all the parts of plants and their functions.  Next we play a little relay game to test our knowledge…and then we EAT!  I’m amazed at how excited the kids are to eat salad and how many claim they never eat salad at home 🙁  I even had a few kids claim they hated certain parts of the salad that I had to offer…until they tried it!  I actually had to hide some of the fruits and vegetables so that the other classes could have some!  Today at Lacey Spring, 1st graders made a salad that consisted of:





Seed-sunflower seeds

Flower-Broccoli heads