Last year was the first year that I helped 3rd grade at Linville-Edom Elementary review their unit on soil for their SOL test.  Needless to say the test scores showed that the kids were paying attention!  This year I headed down to Linville Edom once again to teach students about soil, layers, types of soil, etc.  We had a blast…literally!  During our soil shake experiment we forgot to loosen the lid so the air pressure could escape so we had a soil milkshake all over the desk.  I’m sure the kids will never forget!  We also examined rocks, sand, silt, and clay soils with an experiment to see which soil had the quickest water runoff.  A highlight of the lesson was going outside school grounds to collect several soil samples to look at.  Lastly, we finished the unit off with reviewing decomposers, producers, and consumers by bringing in the worm bin!

20150505_091945 20150505_092320 2015050595091854 soil profile worm harvest

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