The 4-H Program has a variety of curriculum and kits to offer.  Feel free to contact us for more detailed information.  Below are some of the most popular curriculum and kits used by teachers:

Electricity (curriculum along with materials to experiment with switches, circuits, etc.)

Embryology in the Classroom (baby chicks)

Character Counts!

Enviroscape Model (pollution, weathering, erosion, water usage)

Forensic Science

Gardening (plant parts, soil, composting, worms, seeds)

Dairy (butter making, cow visit, virtual farm tour)

Water testing (turbidity, dissolved oxygen, etc.)

Stream study (kick nets and macroinvertebrate ID materials)

Life cycles (chick, butterfly, pumpkin, etc.)

5 Senses

Living vs. Non-Living

Tree Seedlings (free seedlings for youth-offered in April only)

*Don’t see what your looking for?  Just ask!