The Young Grower Alliance (YGA) of Virginia wants your feedback to plan 2016 activities!

The Young Grower Alliance of Virginia (YGA) would like your opinions and feedback to help plan 2016 programs and to better serve the young, beginning, and next generation of fruit and vegetable growers. We welcome all to respond, even those who may not consider yourself to be a “young” grower. Please know, we value the wise opinion and input from the more experienced generations as well. Click on the link below to begin the survey.

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Thanks so much for taking the time to offer your valuable feedback!

The Young Grower Alliance of Virginia is a support group for up-and-coming fruit and vegetable growers. Drawing upon Virginia’s rich history and promising future in produce, the YGA consolidates industry information to present it in a manner that encourages and prepares young, beginning, or next generation growers for a career in horticulture. Updates and reminders can be found at: or

Mark Sutphin

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