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Clarification on bifenthrin use in Virginia

Greetings, In my last post I attached Section 18 labels from 2012 for the bifenthrin-based products, Brigade, Bifenture 10DF, and Bifenture EC, since I wanted to notify you of the approval but had not received labels for 2013. Please note that although the 2012 labels show a use period starting July 20 in Virginia apple, peaches and nectarines, in 2013 these products can be used from June 7 through October 15.

Until next time, best wishes – Chris

Bifenthrin Section 18 for Virginia approved

Greetings, On June 10, I received notification from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services that EPA has approved the use of bifenthrin against brown marmorated stink bug in apple, peach, and nectarine orchards in Virginia.  Only the products Brigade WSB, Bifenture EC, and Bifenture 10DF are approved for use under this Section 18 Emergency Exemption, which is in force through October 15, 2013.  I do not yet have the updated Section 18 labels for these products, but since there were no changes to the use patterns approved in 2012, I have attached the Section 18 labels from last year.

Until next time, best wishes – Chris

2012-07-24 Brigade WSB BSMB Section 18 VA Final

Section 18 Bifenture BMSB-VA Final 7_23_2012

San Jose crawlers captured this week


On May 28, we deployed two traps for San Jose crawlers on each of two trees in my Empire block here on station. Today (June 4) we found crawlers in all four traps. Products in our Spray Bulletin that are rated as excellent against San Jose scale crawlers include Centaur and Esteem. Products rated as good against this pest are Admire Pro and Pasada (imidacloprid), Assail, diazinon, Leverage (imidacloprid + beta-cyfluthrin), Movento, and Tourismo (buprofezin + flubendiamide).

Until next time, best wishes – Chris

Venom, Scorpion and Closer labels for Virginia


I have received confirmation that the Section 18 Emergency Exemption for use of dinotefuran (Venom and Scorpion) in pome and stone fruit in Virginia has been approved by EPA and is in effect through October 15, 2013. As well, Closer insecticide is now registered for use in Virginia, but I’m not certain about registrations for neighboring states at this time. The labels for each product are below.

Until next time, best wishes – Chris