Revision to 2018 Spray Bulletin for Cherries at Petal Fall

Every year it seems that something or another slips through the cracks during our annual revision to the insecticide portions of the Spray Bulletin. These errors are usually small, but this year I have noticed something that is more substantial, so wanted to make you all aware of this right away. On page 123 of the 2018 Bulletin, all of the numbers for insecticides showing under the “Effectiveness” column for applications to cherries at petal fall are incorrect (i.e. the numbers do not reflect the products that would be recommended for each pest listed). I have attached a revised file here, showing the correct insecticide numbers for each pest, and the effectiveness rating for each. We apologize for this oversight, which appears to have occurred during revisions to the 2017 Bulletin and were carried forward to the 2018 edition.

2018 Spray Bulletin revision_Cherries at PF_4.14.18

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