Codling moth and stink bug update


Management of first brood codling moth (CM) larvae is warranted if captures in pheromone traps have exceeded the threshold of 5 moths per trap per week.  Based on the biofix for CM at Winchester (May 3), 204 DD had accumulated for this pest as of May 14. Optimal timing for most of the products considered most effective for first brood CM larvae is 250 DD, which will be reached in the Winchester area by about the middle of this week.

Peak emergence of brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) adults from overwintering sites occurs from now through the end of May, although some portion of the overwintering population typically emerges somewhat earlier, and we have captured BMSB in pheromone traps in Frederick County, VA over the last couple of weeks. Peaches and nectarines are vulnerable to it from the early stages of fruit development onward, so blocks with a history of BMSB injury or in which it has been observed this spring should be protected now. We have not yet been notified about a decision on renewals of the Section 18 Emergency Exemptions for use of dinotefuran or bifenthrin against BMSB. Bifenthrin-based products may be in short supply this year, and I will post another update when I know more about this issue.

Until next time, best wishes.

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