Degree day update for oriental fruit moth and codling moth at Winchester


If average weekly OFM captures in pheromone traps are exceeding 10 moths/trap/week, management of second brood larvae is warranted.  As of today (June 9) 1150 DD have accumulated since oriental fruit moth (OFM) biofix at Winchester on April 14. In peaches, optimal timing for Assail against OFM occurred over the last several days (1050 – 1100 DD). Optimal timing for  use of all other effective insecticides against OFM in peaches is from 1150 – 1200 DD; the NEWA website forecasts 1211 DD for OFM on June 12. In apple, the recommended timing targets the second half of second brood OFM. Rimon is recommended at 1300 – 1350 DD, Assail, Belay, or Intrepid at 1350 – 1400 DD, and all other insecticides effective against this pest at 1450 – 1500 DD.

As of June 9, 695 DD have accumulated since codling moth (CM) biofix at Winchester on May 1. In recent years, some growers have applied a third spray against first brood CM, which would occur in early to mid June. Otherwise, recommended spray timing against second brood CM (if captures exceed the threshold of 5 moths/trap/week) are as follows: Rimon at 1250 – 1320 DD, Assail, Belay, CM virus, Esteem or Intrepid at 1350 DD, and all other insecticides effective against CM at 1450 DD.

Early to mid-June is when San Jose scale crawlers can be targeted with products rated as Excellent (Esteem, Centaur) or Good (Lannate, Sivanto, Admire Pro, or Diazinon).

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