Codling moth and oriental fruit moth update


The time for managing second brood codling moth (CM) larvae is rapidly approaching. As of today (July 2), 1216 DD have accumulated for CM at Winchester and the NEWA system forecasts the following for it: 1246 DD on July 3, 1276 DD on July 4, 1304 DD on July 5, 1334 DD on July 6, and 1360 DD on July 7. Optimal timing for the first spray against this brood of CM is as follows: Rimon at 1250-1320 DD, Assail, Belay, CM virus, or Esteem at 1350 DD, and all others at 1450 DD.

Third brood oriental fruit moth (OFM) would be targeted in peach starting at 2000-2100 DD if using Assail, while all other products recommended for this pest would be best applied at 2100-2200 DD. The NEWA system  forecasts 1955 DD for OFM on July 7. In apple, optimal timing for third brood OFM begins at 2350 DD.

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