Invitation to submit photos for our Tuesday Zoom meetings

Greetings, For our weekly meetings via Zoom (Tuesdays starting at 12 PM) we would like to invite you to submit digital photos of things you are seeing in your orchards this year that you have questions about. Along with our updates, we could discuss these pictures together and try to provide relevant feedback and recommendations. This could include pictures of disease, insects or insect injury, or horticultural issues. It would be very useful if you would also send us photos of the stage of fruit bud development in your area. When you submit photos of any issues you are seeing (i.e. other than stage of bud development), please include any pertinent information and your specific question(s). We will keep these photos anonymous, but read your question/comments about each image to the group. Of course, sharp and clear images will work best for this, and it would be ideal to receive them by about 11 AM on Tuesday. You can send these as attachments to any or all of us at the following addresses:,,, or Looking forward to meeting with you again this Tuesday.

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