Oriental Fruit Moth Biofix at Winchester

We have had sustained and fairly decent captures of oriental fruit moth (OFM) at the Winchester AREC over the last two nights, and anticipate additional captures this evening. Consequently, I am calling OFM biofix in this area for April 4. Application of OFM sprayable pheromone now would be a strong option against the first generation of this pest by disrupting mating and the deposition of fertile eggs, thereby reducing the size of its population going forward. One application at the full rate may provide control for the duration of the first flight, although heavy or prolonged rain may necessitate a second application. Alternatively, the low rate of sprayable pheromone can be applied at 7-10 day intervals during the first flight. There are also a number of hand applied pheromone dispensers for mating disruption, with application rates per acre and duration of protection varying among products, as indicated on the label for each.

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