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Virginia Cooperative Extension provides training in facilitation skills

Leading an organization, community group, or gathering of any size can be stressful and frustrating without the skills necessary to engage and manage a group.

To help make meetings more productive, Virginia Cooperative Extension is offering a two-day training that teaches effective facilitation principles and practices.

The Strengthening Your Facilitation Skills training offers participants the opportunity to learn and demonstrate facilitation skills, observe facilitation challenges, and identify practices that will prepare them to develop and guide the facilitation process. Those who have completed the program report feeling more comfortable planning and leading meetings.

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Virginia Cooperative Extension wins national award for strengthening rural economies

Virginia Cooperative Extension was recently recognized by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture for its commitment to strengthening rural economies.

The award recognizes an Extension initiative called Stronger Economies Together, a program that promotes collaboration among rural communities by pooling shared economic assets among municipalities and expanding the vision of local policymakers in rural areas to think regionally beyond their own counties.

The team was recognized at a ceremony at the NIFA Day of Appreciation in Washington, D.C.

“We place high value on the teams of researchers and other individuals who have enacted positive change on the future of agriculture and science through their work,” Sonny Ramaswamy, director of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, said in a news release.

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Save our Towns: Citizen voices help save a mountain and a town

While many Southwest Virginia towns historically have depended on the coal industry for jobs, residents of one small town fought a permit that would have allowed mining of more than 1,200 acres on nearby Ison Rock Ridge. In a new episode of Save Our Towns, former Virginia Tech alumnus Jessica Snead reports from the town of Appalachia to show how town residents made their voices heard after the tragic death of a child and how their subsequent actions may have helped preserve their town.

This month’s expert tip comes from Appalachian Voices staff member Adam Wells who offers explanations about why many granting agencies won’t consider an application that lacks evidence of community involvement.

This episode also includes coverage of the annual CityWorks Expo in Roanoke and it features valuable project information from Elizabeth Gilboy of the Community Design Assistance Center in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies at Virginia Tech, and Carl Zipper, an  Extension specialist with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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