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Virginia Cooperative Extension provides training in facilitation skills

Leading an organization, community group, or gathering of any size can be stressful and frustrating without the skills necessary to engage and manage a group.

To help make meetings more productive, Virginia Cooperative Extension is offering a two-day training that teaches effective facilitation principles and practices.

The Strengthening Your Facilitation Skills training offers participants the opportunity to learn and demonstrate facilitation skills, observe facilitation challenges, and identify practices that will prepare them to develop and guide the facilitation process. Those who have completed the program report feeling more comfortable planning and leading meetings.

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Henrico County youth learn the business of babysitting

Teen participants sitting at a table with baby dolls.

More than 240 youth have completed babysitting training since the Henrico County program began in in 2010.

The young entrepreneurs who attended Virginia Cooperative Extension’s babysitting training in Henrico County got more than just a new set of babysitting skills — they got a sense of confidence.

“It was a great learning experience. It was informative and all-around fun,” said one Henrico County participant who is starting to earn money by babysitting.

But while babysitting can be an excellent source of additional income, it can also be difficult work full of various unplanned events. Participating in babysitting training can help youth be better prepared for the job.

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Henrico County 4-H builds confidence, develops life skills for teens

Developing leadership skills allow kids to accomplish great things, but it is often navigating the small details of everyday life that does the greatest good in fostering skills teens need to succeed.

“I haven’t always been very outgoing,” said one teen who participated in the 4-H leadership workshops in Henrico County. “But that’s changed with a lot of credit due to 4-H. I’ve gotten rid of my old self who was afraid of getting involved and leading, and replaced him with someone who’s prepared to do all of that and more. I love 4-H!”

Agents Kendra Kyle Young and Kristina Yager provide positive and meaningful leadership training through 4-H to teens in Henrico County. Teens developed leadership skills through year-long trainings focused on developing and demonstrating core competencies in areas such as effective communication, interviewing skills, creative thinking, and problem solving. They practice leadership skills in the workshops using hands-on activities, games, computer programs, and role-playing situations. Through this training Henrico County 4-H teens have become empowered to draw from their knowledge and experiences while motivating others.

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