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Conference brings together partners in health

Crystal Tyler-Mackey, Dorothy McAuliffe, and Eric Bowen

Virginia’s first lady Dorothy McAuliffe (center) stopped by National Health Outreach Conference to underscored the importance of healthy habits. McAuliffe is flanked by Crystal Tyler-Mackey, VCE community viability specialist  and Eric Bowen, VCE area food safety agent.

Health professionals, educators, and policymakers gathered in Roanoke in April to learn more about building partnerships in communities to promote physical and mental wellness.

The 2016 National Health Outreach Conference, hosted by Virginia Cooperative Extension, was grounded in the theme “All Aboard: Building Partnerships for a Healthy America.”

“This conference brings many different individuals together from fields as varied as nutrition and exercise, mental health, and community viability,” said Crystal Tyler-Mackey, community viability specialist with Extension. “By using a comprehensive approach to address the needs of often underserved populations, we are able to not only be concerned with marginalized populations, but also with providing culturally relevant programming and solutions to the groups that we serve.”

Indeed, Extension is often the crux of relationships in communities that strive to be leaders in wellness and seek out many different partners to achieve health and wellness goals.

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