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Powell River Project symposium Sept. 10 explores mine reclamation science and practices


Carl Zipper, a professor of crop and soil environmental sciences and director of the Powell River Project, will lead a mine reclamation symposium in Wise, Virginia Sept. 10.

BLACKSBURG, Va., Sept. 5, 2014 –The Powell River Project Symposium, a conference spotlighting Virginia Tech’s research on improving reclaimed surface-mined lands in Southwest Virginia’s coalfield region, will take place on Wednesday, Sept. 10, from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Slemp Student Center at The University of Virginia’s College at Wise in Wise, Virginia.

The event is open to the public.

Powell River Project research has focused on developing practical, cost-effective solutions to natural resource problems in central Appalachian coal mining areas. Research topics addressed by the project include mine reclamation and environmental protection practices by coal mining operations; use of reclaimed mined lands for forests, agriculture, and homes; and water and timber resources.



Virginia Cooperative Extension Reaches 2.6 Million People Annually

kids exercisingSince the 1914 Smith-Lever Act established the national Cooperative Extension System, Virginia Cooperative Extension has delivered the knowledge and resources of the state’s two land-grant universities — Virginia Tech and Virginia State University — to the people.

Society and its issues have changed during the past 100 years, but Extension’s mission has never wavered.

“We still work with people where they live and deal with the issues they face every day. We help them use the knowledge from the land-grant universities to improve their quality of life and economic prosperity,” said Edwin Jones, director of Virginia Cooperative Extension. “The biggest difference between now and then is that today’s issues are much more complex.”

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Virginia Urban Agriculture Summit set for mid-April in Lynchburg

BLACKSBURG, Va., March 25, 2014 – Communities across the country are realizing important social, health and nutrition, economic, and aesthetic benefits from incorporating urban farming and food production into their planning processes and redevelopment strategies.

Community stakeholders are invited to explore these benefits and the importance of urban agriculture programs during the Virginia Urban Agriculture Summit to be held April 15-16 at the Holiday Inn Lynchburg.

The summit is an opportunity for community members and agriculture stakeholders to come together to take a more in-depth look at urban agriculture in the Commonwealth of Virginia — past, present, and future — along with its many challenges and opportunities.



Virginia coal fields environmental restoration project builds on its past with an eye to the future

BLACKSBURG, Va., Nov. 19, 2013 – When the seeds of the Powell River Project were planted more than 30 years ago, there was scant science on how to best restore lands disturbed by coal mining, much less any longevity of scientific research on the subject.

Three decades later, the Virginia Tech project has not only yielded groundbreaking research on how to restore natural processes to landscapes in Southwestern Virginia coal country, it has also produced evidence that has led to new reclamation practices that help repair the natural environment around the country. Now a new generation of scientists is examining issues including stream reconstruction, invasive species, microbial ecology, and carbon sequestration, among others.