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Ginger and Turmeric Workshop Targets Producers, Chefs and General Public Interested in the Health Benefits of These Two Ancient Spices


Freshly harvested ginger from VSU’s Randolph Farm.

Virginia State University’s College of Agriculture is hosting its annual Ginger and Turmeric Field Day on November 5 from  8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at VSU’s Randolph Farm, located at 4415 River Road, Petersburg, VA 23803.

The workshop will include VSU’s Cooperative Extension Specialists explaining about the health benefits of ginger and turmeric, as well as how to grow, harvest, and clean these spice crops. Ginger and turmeric have been used widely throughout history in many different types of cuisines for their spice and flavor.  Not only are these spices culinary, but they are also medicinal and cater to a number of health conditions, including gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

These tropical plants are a high-value crop that until recently had been exported from outside the United States. “It’s considered a high-profit niche market opportunity,” said Dr. Reza Rafie, VSU’s Cooperative Extension horticulture specialist. “The going rate for fresh ginger in Virginia right now is $10 a pound, and turmeric is selling for about $12-$15 a pound.”

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