Forging a Vision: The Virginia Association of Adult 4-H Volunteer Leader Plan to Implement Strategic Plan

spring-conference-volunteersVAA4-HVL board members and advisors met in Amherst in late January to begin plans to implement the 2016- 2020 strategic plan.  Over the course of 2016 the executive board developed a strategic plan with the following vision and mission statements.

Vision Statement:
To support and retain Virginia adult 4-H volunteer leaders to strengthen the Virginia 4-H youth development program.

Mission Statement:

To educate and train 4-H adult volunteer leaders so that they can promote and provide support for the Virginia 4-H programs.

To accomplish the mission and vision of the association, three goal areas (promotion, resources, and financial resource development) with defined objectives and strategies were identified.  The VAA4-HVL plans to conduct a survey of volunteers to learn more about what training topics are most needed.

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