Welcome to 2020!

Hello gardeners! Welcome back. We are very happy to get back to work providing you with resources and networking opportunities. Gardening is more important than ever and we are here to provide you with what you need to help feed our communities.

As a reminder our monthly webinars are the fourth Tuesday of every month, April through November, at 9:00AM. They are recorded and will be posted here.

Our first webinar will be April 28th at 9:00AM. Presenters include Kathleen Reed, Extension State Master Gardener Coordinator who will be speaking on COVID-19 safety protocols, and Michael Andruczyk, Extension Agent who will be sharing a resource guide he created for maintaining garden records.

Join the webinar via Zoom:

Don’t forget our resource library, where we have a new COVID-19 resource folder. Finally, I also want to point you to VCE’s exciting new vegetable gardening page, which pulls together all of their expertise in one place!

See you soon!

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