Conversation with Sarah Lynch, Baja Bean Co., Staunton, Virginia

 On the morning of October 19th, 2016 I took a nice little two-hour drive to Staunton, Virginia.  There I visited a local restaurant, Baja Bean Co., manager Sarah Lynch to discuss her fresh produce she buys from farmers to create her delicious meals.

Sarah loves buying locally grown food from farmers who contact her. Usually she has at least one item or ingredient on her menu that is from local farms, and her customers love it. The idea that they are eating food that is fresh and good makes them come back for more.

Craft and Draft beverage offerings, Baja Bean Co., Staunton, Virginia

Craft and Draft beverage offerings, Baja Bean Co., Staunton, Virginia

With her schedule it is not easy to search out farmers who are willing to sell her their direct food items she needs, so she relies on the farmers to contact her through email. She believes email or calling is the most effective way to communicate between buyers and sellers in direct sales. It is easy and she can just add it onto her spreadsheet in order to plan out of her menu for seasons.

The atmosphere, the fresh food, and the smiles of the reoccurring customers make this restaurant festive and fun. I highly suggest if you are ever near Staunton, Virginia to stop by and try out this lovely restaurant. Make sure you ask what the farm fresh food of the season is! For more information and a look at their menu visit

Emilie VanDyke
Baja Bean Fish Taco
October 19, 2016