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Food Challenge Contest – Central District

On Saturday, May 9, 2015, I had the privilege to attend Central District’s Food Challenge  Contest at the W.E. Skelton 4-H Center.  Even though this was the first year this contest was offered in the Central District, the participation level was great, four senior teams and five junior teams!  Overall,  it was a great contest and a good experience for all who participated.  The evaluation data collected at the conclusion of the contest was very positive and 100% of the participants indicated that they learned at least one new skill as a result of their participation.  A special thank you to Amber Wilson, Chair of the contest, and all the other VCE personnel, volunteers and parents who helped to make this contest a success.  Also, I’d like to thank the agents in Northern District as they were instrumental in bringing this contest to Virginia and providing training in this area.  If your unit or district is not currently offering Food Challenge to your 4-H members, I highly encourage you to do so, as this contest is a great compliment to our healthy living initiative.  Not only do participants learn how to prepare and cook a dish, they learn about MyPlate, cost analysis, and develop a presentation that is inclusive of nutritional benefits and food safety.  We will be offering a Food Challenge contest and workshop during State 4-H Congress, but if you are unable to attend and would like to learn more about this contest, please don’t hesitate to contact me,  

Director’s Update

Hi Everyone,


Many thanks to all of you who have recruited and entered your teens for State 4-H Congress. The program is coming together nicely and we are looking forward to hosting your outstanding teens in June. 


I am anxious to visit with our Nutrition Program Assistants at the Multi-State Conference this week. I would encourage you to reach out to your program assistant to make sure that the 4-H members completing the Food Nutrition Program throughout the year are made aware of and invited to continue their 4-H involvement with other projects and delivery modes.


I have had a few questions about finding 4-H financial information. The 4-H Policy Handbook has been updated to include current information. You can find this in section 3.19 at the following link:


You can also find the club agency fund forms, tip sheets, Livestock Auction fact sheets, and permission to purchase shooting education equipment form at the following link:


Also, remember that Crystal Graham is the first point of contact regarding 4-H Foundation processes and inquiries. She can be reached at or 540-231-3360.



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Cathy M. Sutphin, PhD

Associate Director, 4-H

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