Integrated programming – Aren’t we already doing this?

I’ve been reading the comments from the Professional Development Conference session evaluation on integrated programming. The results were mixed, with a fair number indicating some confusion on the purpose of the discussion, as well as the notion that “We are already doing this so what’s the big deal?”

Integrated programming was described as being framed by three characteristics (and there may be more):

  1. Focus on a critical issue important in the community.
  2. The program integrates the expertise of multiple organizations, program areas, and community systems in identifying and addressing the issue.
  3. It is more than an event.  It involves several educational strategies integrated into a plan over time.

We never meant to discount current integrated efforts across program areas, which are plentiful. Rather, the discussion was to provide a venue to explore how we can elevate this integration to a higher programmatic level, meeting the three characteristics above and ultimately to improve the quality of life for communities and citizens of the Commonwealth on the critical issues they face.

Let me know your thoughts on this and please share examples of your efforts that meet the three characteristics of integrated programming.

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