It’s time to plant garlic!

It’s easy to plant garlic in the fall!

Garlic can also be spring planted, but needs to be chilled first (refrigerate for at least 8 weeks before planting in spring). Garlic plants need to reach an adequate size before day length increases in the spring, which triggers bulb formation, so plant as early as possible in spring.

Garlic can be a great, fun crop to grow. And you don’t need a vegetable garden at all! Practice “Foodscaping!” Find a nice sunny, open spot in your landscape and plant a couple cloves! It will provide some great ornamental interest in your garden as well as a garlic crop next year!

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From the Ground Up – Planting Garlic

There’s still time left to plant garlic in your garden. Chris Mullins with Virginia Cooperative Extension shows us how, From the Ground Up.

From the Ground Up – Harvesting Garlic

Bookmark this page so you can come back next spring to learn more about harvesting garlic from Chris Mullins with Virginia Cooperative Extension visits one producer who’s not afraid of vampires.

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