About Us

The Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Food Insights Blog page is designed for Extension faculty and Master Food Volunteers to share research-based, unbiased information, ideas, and resources.  Upcoming training information is also available through this blog, so check back frequently to stay up-to-date on training opportunities.

The Master Food Volunteer Program was introduced to Virginia in fall 2009 and was adapted with permission from Kansas State University Research and Extension. The purpose of this program is to provide trained volunteers to expand program delivery by educating more participants on topics related to nutrition, food safety, food preparation techniques, and physical activity, just to name a few.

For more information about this program, visit http://www.fcs.ext.vt.edu/fnh/mfv/index.html.

Community policies for posting to this blog:

  • Information posted to this blog will be research-based and unbiased and only related to this program.  We do not promote specific products or services.  If a blogger is unsure as to whether the blog request meets these requirements, contact Melissa Chase, Ph.D., State Coordinator for the Master Food Volunteer Program, mechase@vt.edu.
  • The State Coordinator for the Master Food Volunteer Program will approve blog posts and reserves the right to edit remove or prohibit any blog posts or comments that may be considered inappropriate for this venue.
  • All blog information should be the blogger’s original content.  Cite any sources used, such as Internet sites, publications, etc.  Where applicable, provide the URL link or publication reference.
  • In addition, if bloggers include information in their post about another blog or web site, the the URL link for that site should be provided.
  • Any use of images in this blog require permission from the image owner.  If you have specific questions about this, contact Melissa Chase.
  • Send blog request information directly to Melissa Chase, mechase@vt.edu, for approval to post.  Once approved, Melissa will post for public viewing.
  • Any questions about the blog should be directed to Melissa by email.